Welcome to gene discovery lab !

Our lab's research is mainly focused on mutated gene discovery for disease models by using a new strategy which combines genetic mapping, genome resources, and high-throughput technologies such as microarray, capillary electrophoresis etc.    More details

Microarray service and DNA analysis service available

We offer full microarray service using Illumina platform or Affymetrix platform

Our service mainly includes 1) extract total RNA; 2) purification of the total RNA; 3) analysis of the quality and quantity of total RNA (inform users if there is a problem at no addition cost); 4) cDNA synthesis, cDNA purification, QC of cRNA synthesis, cRNA purification, hybridization, wash, staining, and scanning of slides; and 5) upload raw data of scanning to our server for users to download.
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We also offer DNA analysis service using SpectruMedix system

DNA analysis serice includes:
1) mutation discovery for disease models;
2) genotyping using microsatellite markers for congenic breeding.
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